Do you have your social strategy nailed down?

When talking with clients and marketing managers in the industry, the biggest struggle is understanding how to develop a social strategy that is easy to explain to executives, prove ROI on, and easy to execute. 

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But it doesn't have to be a struggle, you just need to understand the right questions to ask. You need to know what areas to focus on but more importantly, how to clearly align that with the marketing department's strategy - which often times is already signed off by the executive team. 

So where to start? Well, one of my favorite things to do is help companies develop this! I offer a one-time research-backed strategy development plan that requires a little collaboration from you team but will make planning and proving social much easier. 

This Strategy Development Includes:

  • Content Development Guidelines – What kind of content performs at what rates, what kind content do we create, what channels are appropriate, etc.
  • Demographics of Following – Who are we speaking to, how do we speak to them, what do they like and not like. Data to clearly support this. 
  • Posting Guidelines & Best Times – Research backed posting schedules to optimize for performance and engagement.
  • Competitor and Industry Comparisons – What is working for our competitors, what is working for the industry. How to apply what we’ve learned to the brand.
  • An Evergreen Strategy – The day-to-day evergreen strategy and how that fills the editorial calendar in a meaningful way for the brand.
  • How to Adapt to Campaigns – Strategy briefs to use when building campaigns around big marketing and business initiatives; product launches, company announcements, brand messaging.
  • Measuring & Analytics – Realistic KPIs for the brand to strive for as well as how to track them.

It's a useful exercise to explore and research everything surrounding your social channels, then highlight and plan for the things that will make the most impact for your brand. 


If you're interested, let me know and we can discuss options for your brand. Contact me here. 

Julie Maden