Stop using Instagram bots and automation, please.

Instagram is such a fun platform because there is such a sense of community. For the brands I work with watching people share, comment, and talk about the brand on Instagram is really exciting. You can find inspiration, ideas, friends and clients all in one place. But unfortunately, I'm forced to roll my eyes daily at accounts who are actually PAYING money for the "benefit" of having a high follower count. Sorry, it doesn't work like that. 

It's becoming really popular for bloggers and small business owners to purchase Instagram automation techniques to try to grow their accounts and increase their likes. Have you ever gotten comments on your page that are generic and boring, mentions like, "great!" Sometimes you get the, "nice pic!" Others go as far to include an emoji of no relevence to your page. 

Yeah, those are fake. The accounts are real, probably run by people who have blogs, influencers accounts, or small businesses looking to grow their channels but the comments are dead. They are generated by a computer, and the comments are designed to be able to be posted on ANY photo. So unfortunately, no real person actually went out of their way to comment "great" on your photo.  

Why would people use these generators?
Many people get into social media and quickly develop the idea that they need to get likes and followers. If you use organic Instagram growth strategies, your account will grow slowly and most people don't have the patience for that. They want an "insta-famous" account, and they want it now. 

That sounds great, why wouldn't you want to do that?
The likes and followers that you gain from these automation programs aren't going to be the kind of likes and followers you're hoping for, the comments and likes you're telling the robot to leave are fake and the followers and likes you get are just that, fake. The more followers you have doesn't directly mean you'll instantly be making tons of money, your services will go viral, your feed will be talked about - no, not with automation. The new followers aren't going to be genuinely interested in your account and about half of the time, they're spam accounts that follow anyone who follows them. If you grow your account slowly, using real Instagram strategies you'll end up building a community, a community of people who are genuinely interested in your account and feed. 

You also risk the chance of your account being SHUT DOWN.
Instagram will figure you out if you're following 7000 accounts a day, liking 2000 photos, and commenting "wow" on 1000 images a day. This is against Instagram's terms of use, and if caught - they will close your account. It happens all the time. 

Overall, these programs will do what they say - grow your followers and likes exponentially. However, the new followers you gain are not valuable for your brand, and the impression you leave on other accounts with your blanket comments can be damaging. 

Social media takes patience, it does. If you use the right strategies and grow your account the right way, you'll find yourself with a community of really well-intentioned followers and clients who are interested in your products and services. Isn't that the goal in the first place?

Julie Maden