Ready to start looking for an influencer? Start here first.

Never hire someone just on a follower count alone, never. Follower counts are nice to note, but don't carry much weight. In fact, brands are catching on that accounts with smaller followings (known as micro-influencers) sometimes carry more bang-for-your-buck than those with millions. When starting research for a client there are more important questions to ask than knowing how many followers they have. Get on the phone with them and get some answers. Here are a few to get you started... 

  1. What is their story, uniqueness, what makes them likable or interesting? How does that match up with your goal? 
  2. Have they done similar campaigns with similar goals? How successful have they been, what have they learned and want to improve? 
  3. What is their engagement rate? Depending on the industry, a good engagement rate should fall between 3-6%.
  4. What is their audience, and how does it compare to the target audience?
  5. What is their engagement value? Are there strong comments, community building opportunities, or is it all just likes? Strong, unique comments and conversations will always carry more weight.

It's important that when you contact them there is a level of professionalism. Influencer marketing is still so new and because of that that I think sometimes it's taken for granted. As an influencer, and someone who is making a living from working with brands on social media, anyone you contact should know the answer to these questions and more. If an influencer doesn't have an understanding of their own following, what works and what doesn't, and is saying yes to any project that comes through - they probably don't have much influence at all. The more you know... 

Julie Maden