Multi-image advertising from the Instagram app is now available!

Consumers and businesses alike were quick to begin using the newest Instagram feature after it launched earlier this year. Not news to anyone, they added the ability to add multiple images and/or videos to your Insatgram posts - giving a slideshow, carousel, storytelling ability to users (all users, businesses, and consumers). 

However, there was one limitation that was frustrating to businesses. You couldn’t promote these posts. So a post with 4-5 images would be subject to just the traditional news feed reach, which to some – isn’t enough weight for all that content.

Of course, there is always the carousel feature in ads manager on Facebook to run these kinds of ads on Instagram but that takes so much…work.

Starting recently though, Instagram has begun to place the promote button under these posts, allowing for businesses to do the promotion from directly in the app (which we all know, is the best and easiest way).

Happy advertising, businesses!

Julie Maden