GIFs now available in comments on Facebook

Hey Facebook, thanks. Thank you for this new feature which will ultimately lead to me giggling behind my screen as I read through dull comment debates and conversations daily. 

GIFs (ghiff not jiff, but you could argue with me about that) have been available to post on Facebook for a while now, if you know the trick and have a place where you host the GIF. In order to do this, you need a link that generates the GIF for you. In order to do this, you need to upload it as a file to your website or publish it to a website like GIPHY to generate the link. Then you plug the link into the post and it will generate the GIF for you. Boom. 

In messenger, you could share GIFs from a few GIF hosting databases to add more "hahaha" to your chats which made life very easy and rapidly more entertaining. Sometimes an image simply can't say it correctly, you need the eye-roll, or hair flip, or sassy reality TV start to help you. They have now added that to your comments section.

Note: This is only available on user posts though, not yet introduced to Page posts.



Julie Maden