Why you should have a person dedicated on social media.


Okay, I understand I'm biased (hire me!). However, I always say a lot of my job is education because no matter how great you are at your marketing-related job, you probably don't realize just how intense social media can be. 

Unfortunately, social media isn't just creating great content, quickly using easy-to-understand tools to push it out to the world, and watching it go viral. If it was I would either A) not have a job or B) be laughing at how easy my job was. 

Let me explain... 

  • Social media needs to be the most integrated part of your marketing department in order to work. I know what you're thinking, "yeah right" or "Julie, get real" but hear me out. Everything your marketing team is doing is important, from events to retail, to e-commerce, to creative, to PR, and everything in between - why shouldn't that all live on social media? It should and in order to make that work, you absolutely need to have someone focused on making that happen. Hi, I'm right here. 
  • Social media is becoming really complicated. One platform does what another doesn't, some tools are available to some brands but not to others, why does it look like that when I post, why is my image distorted, etc., etc. Social media platforms are doing a great job at one thing, complicating things. However, there are a lot of benefits for companies in the changes they are making, you just need someone on your side who is keeping up with those daily changes and shifting your strategy to work in real-time. 
  • Am I successful? It's unreal how much data is out there, and unfortunately, the ones that are most focused on these days don't mean much in terms of true social media success. You need to have a dedicated person who understands social metrics can help understand what is truly working and what metrics should be focused on to measure success for your specific campaign or goal. Hey, still here to help! 
  • Woah, where did the day go? If you're not in social media platforms daily, and not scheduling, creating, organizing, managing platforms all the time - trying to do any of those things on social media can be the ultimate time-suck. Often I hear from clients that managing social media was such an annoyance because the admin side of it took up so much of their time that could be focused on other projects. If you hire a dedicated social media manager, someone who knows how to do these things with their eyes closed (me) then all the sudden the job gets done and you're not wasting your day doing it. 

Social media can flow, flourish, and free (up a lot of your time) easily by having someone to focus on social for you. Let's set up a call today and we can discuss how we may be able to work together. 

Julie Maden