The story really boils down to a passion for what I do, a need for continued learning, the perfect timing, a lot of support from previous colleagues...and a little luck. 

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Hi, my name is Julie Knapp. Northwell is my passion project turned full-time job. I worked in marketing for small businesses and then large businesses. I focused on communications, PR, and social media roles. I've done everything from help run PR campaigns, writing (lots of writing), and managing social media for brands with global to local communities.  After going abroad to get my masters degree and working remotely for a few years, it felt right to start my own company. Now we're here, and you're reading my about page. 


Warning: Lots of photos of food, friends, travelling and an adorably cute 2-year old nephew. 


I grew up in the United States, outside of Portland, Oregon. While studying for my bachelor's degree in digital communications, I worked for small-to-medium businesses creating content and running social media. Social media then had just started to break into the educational space and businesses really didn't know what to do with it. I was learning as I went, trial and error, watching these social platforms build over the years. After graduation, I spent a few years working at a global company in marketing, specifically working on communications, public relations, and social media projects. While doing that full-time, I also worked with small groups and organizations to create brand identities, websites, marketing materials, and photography in my free time. I loved both the corporate world for everything it taught me, and the creative freedom I got from working freelance on the side. 

After my boyfriend, Liam, moved back from the states to his hometown in England, I decided to get outside of my comfort zone and get my master's degree, which had been a goal of mine for a long time. I packed my bags and went across the pond to go back to school and start a new adventure with Liam. Since that big move, Liam has upgraded from boyfriend to fiancΓ©, and I'm now #MasterJulie. While studying, I worked in communications and social media roles in local businesses and continued to work remotely for the same global company I left when I moved to the UK.

I've always wanted to start my own business but I wouldn't say I had the entrepreneurial bug. With a little luck and a lot of support from friends and previous colleagues, one client led to another. Now with a master's degree under my belt, some time spent consulting for a large company, and a lot of client experience in businesses from local to global - I figured it's now or never. Enter, Northwell. 


I'm just here to help make one of the more time-consuming and sometimes frustrating marketing Channels...easy.